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We provide personalized and comprehensive management services, tailoring our offerings to meet the individual needs of each client and property. 

The cost of our premier services is just 20% of short-term rental revenue, which means we only make money when you do. Professional cleaners are paid from the cleaning fee charged to guests as part of their reservation. Consumables, supplies, linens, maintenance, and other home-related expenses will be automatically deducted from your monthly payouts. Tax calculation and remittance is provided for a flat-rate fee of $50/month. You'll be issued a monthly statement, clearly outlining all guest bookings, rental income, and expenditures. 100% transparency, 100% of the time.

An onboarding fee covers the facilitation of the short-term rental permit application, establishment of business licenses and tax accounts, professional photography, and listing creation/updating.

We ask for a commitment of twelve months, to safeguard us both and allow each of us to determine if we are a good fit for one another. This also ensures sufficient time to see the positive benefits of our listing upgrades and comprehensive services.

Our comprehensive management services will help you earn effortless income. It's time to get started.


If you're only looking for facilitation of the short-term rental permit application, we offer that as well.

Contact us for details and pricing.